Birthday Parties

The perfect setting for a fun, exciting woodland adventure party for 4-14 year olds.

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Pre-School Groups

Child-led Forest School sessions - from babies up to pre-school children.

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Home Educated Children

Child-led sessions for children of all ages.

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Holiday Activities

Easter and Summer Fun Days - packed with a wide range of exciting outdoor activities.

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Badger Wood - where adventures happen!

Badger Wood is an ancient, semi-natural woodland of 2 acres, set within a larger woodland at Ullenwood, Cheltenham. Named after the disused badger setts, it is home to many species of bird and mammal, including grey squirrel, vole, fox and deer and is made up of many trees including hazel, ash and silver birch. Badger Wood is a beautiful, inspirational environment. The ever-changing nature of the woodland captures children’s imaginations.

At Badger Wood our vision is to provide a nurturing environment where people are able to connect with nature and each other to build a supportive community. We want to contribute to the wellbeing of children and embed an ethos of taking care of the planet.

As a Social Enterprise we reinvest any surplus to improve and develop the woods and enable access to more people.

The natural environment

The natural outdoor environment is vast and unlimited; spending large amounts of time there through forest school has mental and emotional health benefits as well as encouraging appreciation and responsibility for the natural environment.

Holistic development sees the child as a whole person, physically, linguistically, emotionally, intellectually, socially, morally, culturally and spiritually.

Progress in one of these areas will impact on other areas. Development in all of these areas needs to be promoted to enable a child to reach their full potential.

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